Based out of Vancouver, with offices in Toronto, Phoenix and Santiago, a small group of project professionals found themselves working together to help clients improve their projects.

Our name serves as a reminder to our foundation in building on our expertise and as a cornerstone for the standard of excellence we aspire to.

Our logo of a mining tool represents our hard work in getting to the foundation and discovering hidden value, fused with a pen representing our commitment to professionalism in our communications.  The grey color characterizes our support services which are always in the background as well as a suggestion to our years of experience, a vague reference to grey hairs.

Listening to our clients

Understanding and helping clients deliver their projects is a critical underpinning of who we are. Our company was founded out of continued client requests for our services.  They knew we were listening to them when developing our own scopes of work and helped them to deliver on to deliver on their project requirements.

Delivering savings

Too many consulting companies attempt to “add value” without clearly articulating how they will save clients’ money.  Bedrock-Service is committed to being recognized in the industry for delivering on client requirements to manage and reduce costs wherever possible.

Where we are today

Today, Bedrock-Service is synonymous with transparency, independence, and fairness. Bedrock-Service is known as having been a pioneer in the concept of “shared economy” and “flex resourcing” for project delivery services. It was inspired by the idea of giving project owners alternatives to the standard project delivery models of the past and driven by delivering the highest standard of professional services.

Since its founding, Bedrock-Service has become one of the leading outsourced project delivery firms trusted by private and public companies in North America, serving clients on global projects in multiple languages.