We All Need to Take Responsibility

Police in India have offered a reward to catch a shop owner who they say had illegally stored explosives that triggered a blast, killing 89 people. This happened Saturday September 12, 2015 .  They are  hunting for Rajendra Kasawa in connection with Saturday’s blast in Madhya Pradesh that knocked down a restaurant and neighbouring building.

Kasawa, had a licence for explosives for digging wells, construction and mining, police said.  Is finding him enough to make sure this sort of thing never happens again?  Who gave him the license and who sold him the explosives?  Why was the policeman who overlooked this masacre only suspended?

Apparently illegal mining in India is rampant.  One has to wonder if this miner had the proper permits for mining in the first place.

The global mining industry needs to step in and help develop standards that the rest of the world can follow or we will continue to live under this cloud of misconduct.  Thirty nine people were injured in the incident, and have been admitted to hospitals.  Eighty nine have died; many of them schoolchildren eating breakfast.


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